Sweet Indulgence.


Stressed spelled backwards is dessert. Coincidence? I think not.

The Cake Festival is the premier baking industry event held annually to raise money for charity through showcasing unique cakes and also offers bakers excellent marketing. The charity behind the whole event is Edumed Trust. Bet you didn’t know all that now, did you?

Let me warn you: Grab a cup of tea/coffee/infusion/juice or whatever suits your fancy & get comfortable. You’ll be here for a while.

On a regular day I’d grab cake from Valentine Cakehouse, Urban Cakes or the bakery at Agro-House on Tom Mboya Street but as of last year when I learnt about the Cake Festival, my friend Beverly (hey girl!) and I resolved to attend the event religiously. We are normally part of the event photographer, Machismo Pixx, crew and we therefore have the privilege of getting there while the bakers are setting up. There are normally over 20 stands all waiting for you to indulge your sweet tooth.A whole day set aside to try out & eat as much cake as you can from the best Cake Houses in Nairobi. A sight to behold, don’t you think? If you have been in attendance, I bet you know what I’m talking about. If not, be sure to attend the next one next year.

Smitten with Mint.

Believe it or not, I had never had mint cake ever before in my life. Up until I stopped by the Small Haven stand and had the best Chocolate-Mint Fudge Cake ever baked! If you’ve had a mojito or any mint flavored drink, you can attest to the bursting, unmistakable & distinct flavor of mint. It tasted a lot like a redefined version of the Cadbury Mintchoc Bar. We (Bev & I) went by their stand so many times, so much so that the bakers there became acquainted with our familiar faces.

Best of all Worlds.

Cake City undoubtedly has the best of everything. Literally! Even their plain cakes tasted divine! Roughly 3-4 hours into the event, they were running out of cake and more had to be brought in. Best believe that they were acquainted with our faces too! There’s one lady who served my plate, looked up, saw it was me and sighed before we burst out into a spasm of laughter.

No wonder they carried home most of the annual baking competition awards during the event; Theme Cake Award, Gold Standard & Gold with Distinction Professional Class Awards.


Ruptamai had one of the best Chocolate Fudge Cakes served by a lovely lady and her mom. -Though frankly, I am yet to taste any Chocolate Fudge Cakes better than those at Java. Anyone who disagrees with me say aye!- If you live in Rongai you can check them out. They offered such warm & homely services, one couldn’t help but smile.

All that is done in love is done well.

Smile for the Camera!

Cakeville had the best setup and the best crowd puller, they had a photo-booth with the most amazing props. It was all sorts of fun because you have 5 seconds to change props and pose before the camera snapped. The photos were in hard copy and unfortunately I can’t attach them because the scans look *blah. On a normal day I wouldn’t have orange cake but their Orange Cake was simply divine! The experience at their stand was simply memorable.

Better & Better…

Last year there was nothing but cake stands. This year the organizers made it better by having a food court because, in as much as you may love cake, your taste-buds will definitely need a break. In the food court was one cake stand managed by a beautiful plump white lady who baked and iced the cake in our presence as she danced and hummed to the music in the background. She enjoyed what she was doing tremendously. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the name of her bakery. What I do remember is the amazing taste of her Butter-Scotch Cake; it tasted like vanilla & caramel. Yum!

Ice-Cream & Milkshake.

There was a Dairyland stand serving ice-cream and milkshake. They re-branded and their new packaging looks amazing. They even have chocolate bars. I tried their White Chocolate with Cookies Chocolate though if you ask me,they still have room for improvement.

One is Taken, One is Left!

Do you remember the parable of the 10 Virgins? That was my grandma’s favorite bedtime story. And as such is the Cake Festival. If you want to enjoy the event without much of a hassle like having to queue (I dread queues) and indulging in the best cakes at the event, be there early. At around 2/3 pm I saw families driving in and excited about the event and I felt for them, no, seriously, I did. Because at that time the event is full of people milling around, consequently less cake at most stands. Some bakeries had even run out of cake. What keeps them there is the results of the annual cake competition, which is done at around 5 pm. Otherwise, some are already closed for the day..

Quick Tip: Be there early.




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  1. Sammy Grey says:

    Beautiful piece. You got this.


  2. Ambrose Matata says:

    Quite informative. I like.


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