Pizza Delight!


Hi Guys! It’s a new month and it’s all about pizza!

I know it has been a while since I posted, my sincere apologies, I actually planned on publishing a post before the beginning of October but unfortunately, that ended up being a rumour. Like Mike Tyson said:

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.

Anyway, I was really hoping to get a chance to attend The Nairobi Food Market last week but the date coincided with a really important event that I certainly could not miss. Instead, I ensured that I participated in the Nairobi Pizza Festival.


My preference is Debonair’s pizza, any day all day, simply because their pizzas have thin crusts (you all probably know how much I appreciate thin crusts by now), ample cheese and they never hold back on their toppings. My ultimate favourites from their menu are Something Meaty, Hawaiian & BBQ Chicken in that order.

Food festivals exist for us mere mortals to try out restaurants that we haven’t tried before. And so I took my mom out for Sunday lunch at Mambo Italia. With the beautiful sunny days in Nairobi, it was perfect for a day out with pizza and ice-cream. Mambo Italia has rustic outdoor furniture that is perfect for photos, although one can get rather tired if seated on the wooden stools for too long.


When we had our seats, the waitress handed us the menu and promptly informed us that their festival ended on Friday. We were slightly disgruntled but figured we might as well try it out.

As per our tradition, we ordered different pizza flavors and shared. We always order one with meat and the other with chicken because we are low-key Luhya and love chicken oh so much! So we had Carnivore and Angry Buffalo which were both amazingly thin crusted and with sufficient helpings of cheese and chicken as well as fresh veggies. Carnivore had bacon, ham and chicken, it was simply a match made in heaven! Although they were not particularly generous with their toppings on this one. Angry Buffalo is their version of BBQ chicken. On the menu they had indicated that it would have hot buffalo sauce, so as usual, I ignored the word ‘hot’ and assumed it was with one of those slightly tangy sauces used in buffalo wings but oh how wrong I was! So we said Grace and dag right in. And my was that buffalo angry! Like really angry! I am not a chilli person, not by a single fibre in my being, the most I can consume is some paprika and black pepper, so note to self: Never ignore key words like ‘angry’ and ‘hot’, particularly when used together. Strange enough, I still managed to eat half of it, I was actually more surprised than my mom. So, for all you chicken and chilli lovers, the Angry Buffalo is a must try because you will love every bit of it! And for all meat lovers and vegetarians, Mambo Italia’s got you covered as well! Feel free to share with me your favourite pizza restaurants and flavors, I would love to try them out if I haven’t yet.


Angry Buffalo
Pizza Delight!

ION, when I was on break, I received lots of feedback, insights and ideas from my readers and I am so grateful for all your support. Most of you seemed to particularly enjoy the More Doing post that I did in August. I therefore intend to do at least two of those every month. Do have an amazing weekend loves!

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