Affordable Holiday Guide

Hey Guys! The festive season is here and my am I excited! It means no alarms, no work & no lectures, just friends, family, food, wine and some cocktails. Speaking of cocktails, if you haven’t been to NewsCafe, you have no idea what you are missing. They have delicious food (in substantial amounts) and their cocktails are the bomb-dotcom. ūüėÄ

I do not know about you dear readers, but I would do anything to chase away boredom. I’ve been talking to a couple of my friends who started their holiday much earlier than I did and most of them are already bored. So I decided to share¬†a list of 5¬†affordable activities that you can do¬†within Nairobi as you relax and enjoy the holiday.

Go for a Swim

pool-viewswimThe sun is out and we have the perfect weather for swimming. It is the most relaxing workout and the best hangover remedy too! I like going for my swim between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm, simply because I do not fancy crowded pools. You can either go to your local pool area or at the Laico pool, which, to be frankly honest, is not the usual affordable ones but is certainly worth it because their pool is heated and you also get access to their sauna for and hour.


img-20161211-wa0028img-20161118-wa0008img-20161124-wa0074The season to give is upon us! You can choose to either gather up a few friends, relatives or just your partner and visit a children’s or old people’s home near you. You can take some clothes or food and just help around in cooking, cleaning and washing them. I usually go to Happy Life Children’s ¬†Home on Thika Road but there are so many others that you can choose from. It has always helped me be more grateful for my life and all the blessings I have received.

“Which of these proved to be a neighbor?”

“The one who showed him mercy.”

And Jesus said, “You go and do likewise.” -Luke 10:36-37

Visit a Museum or Art Gallery

Maryln Art.jpgWhen is the last time you went to a museum and just appreciated the different cultures we have, both here in Kenya and abroad? I find it super fun, it is a bit like travelling without really having to travel. My favorite museum to go to is the Murumbi African Heritage Collection. They do have quite a collection, with items collected from all around Africa. To top it all off, they have a cute little coffee shop outside called Point Zero. Some more advise:

When you go, find out why it’s called Point Zero, will you? ūüėČ

Catch Up during Happy Hour

img_20161223_180429img-20161224-wa0072Hit up a friend that you haven’t had a chance to meet up with and catch up over some cocktails or wine at half price between 5-7 pm. You can either go to NewsCafe, Artcaffe or Caramel. They usually range from 300-500/- per cocktail, depending. Some little advise:

When in doubt, you can never go wrong with a Passion Mojito! ūüėČ

Spend Some Time with Nature!

Nature 1.jpg

Nature 3.jpgThis is by far my ultimate favorite! You can either get yourself your favorite bottle of wine, grab a book and a shawl and go to a park for some me time or you can go for a picnic with your partner or friends. Potluck would work perfectly for this if you are going with a few friends. I loove the Nairobi Botanic Garden at the Museum, it is just serene with fresh air and plenty of greenery! It has the Path of Peace which is just so beautiful! Oh! Did I tell you that it is absolutely free? You can also go for a nature trail at Ololua or Karura Forest, I have not personally been there but I know people who have and I have seen pictures, they are both spectacular!

I would like to take this moment to celebrate all of you (you are all kind of a big deal, you know?). Thank you for stopping by to read my blog, subscribe and share your feedback. Your love and support inspires me to keep creating, keep writing and keep pushing towards my goals.¬†I hope this holiday season and the new year brings you more joy, love and blessings! ūüôā

May God bless you always and in all ways! ūüôā

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