Meal Prep Ideas-1

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Happy new month loves!! Can you believe that we are already in the third quarter of the year? I spent the weekend analyzing my progress from the previous quarter, strategizing the way forward for this quarter and setting my quarterly goals. I actually got the idea of setting quarterly goals from Maddie (hey girl!) when we used to work together and I adopted it because they are more practical than yearly goals due to the reasonable timeline of 3 months.

Part of my goals has always been to have a fine dining experience at least once a month. To help me achieve this, I often carry lunch to work because I would rather:

  1. Save the money I would have spent on lunch and go for a proper fine dining experience. For example, If I spent at least Ksh.100 ($1) on lunch daily, in 20 days I would have spent Ksh.2,000 ($20), which is equivalent to the cost of a a 2/3 course meal.
  2. Eat a meal prepared how I want it, since I prefer home cooked meals to fast food.

So I often spend part of my Sunday afternoons preparing my meals for the week and they last me until Thursday. I would recommend meal prepping to anyone because it not only helps you control what you eat but also helps you save up for one or two things on your wish list. In this post, I will be sharing 2 of my go-to meal prep meals. Enjoy! πŸ™‚

Omlette Sandwich

Sandwich 1.jpg


Cooking Oil

3/4 Eggs

2 Red/White Onions

1 Bell Pepper

1/3 tsp Black Pepper

1/3 tsp Paprika

Brawn (Optional)

Salt to Taste

6-8 Slices of Bread



  1. Butter your bread.
  2. Dice your onions and bell pepper.
  3. Whisk the eggs with the diced onions, bell pepper, paprika, black pepper and salt.
  4. On medium heat, fry the mixture until cooked on both sides and divide into 4 parts.
  5. On a sandwich maker, layer your bread with the omlette, brawn, ham, tomatoes or cucumber. You can use whatever ingredients work for you, I simply used the omlette for this one since I was out of brawn.
  6. Once ready, pack in foil and tah-dah! You can also make a salad to eat with.

Sandwich ready.jpg

One of my other go-to sandwiches is made up of grated cheese and left over minced beef which I often eat during the exam period since I have no way to warm my food when I am in school. If you have no toaster, you can simply pan toast your bread on low heat and layer your stuffing between the slices of bread.

Seasoned Potato Wedges



Cooking Oil

Sliced Potatoes


Garam Masala

Salt to taste


  1. Parboil your potatoes in salty water on medium heat until slightly cooked. Be careful no to cook them completely since they will break when frying. Alternatively, you can leave them in the microwave for 7-10 minutes.
  2. Drain the potatoes and let them dry slightly.
  3. Meanwhile, heat your cooking oil over medium-high heat and then put in your potatoes and cook on medium heat until well browned.
  4. Drain excess oil using serviettes/kitchen towels and season with a mixture of salt, garam masala and paprika. I normally eyeball the seasoning, being careful not to season to much.
  5. Serve with your dip of choice, I was out of avocado so I just made kachumbari (salsa).


Perfect flat layAnglesMealKatchumbari

I hope this post has been helpful. I will share a few more recipes in the next post for you to try out. Alternatively, if you do not have the time or energy to meal prep, you can utilize left overs by either carrying them to work or improvising and using them as sandwich stuffing. Do have a productive quarter loves! πŸ™‚

P.s: Posts will now be published on Monday and not Friday, as per the previous schedule.

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