More than Enough


Happy New Week Loves! I know my consistency has been wanting these past couple of weeks but I am working on it. Also, If you enjoyed the Self-Growth series you are in for a treat in this post. 🙂

I have had moments when I did not feel good enough, including last week when I had gone for a meeting with one of my clients and they made me an offer. The first thing that came to mind was ‘am I good enough?’ — will I be able to deliver and come up with a strategy that will have them wanting to work with me again? So I asked for a bit more time to think about it. Then coincidentally, I later came across a message that said:

You are and will always be enough, but it will always be your choice to believe it!

There is so much truth in that one statement, don’t you think? During the same week, a really close friend and I were talking and she said that she was not feeling good enough and I could relate with her on so many levels because I was feeling the same thing too.

Not feeling good enough comes from a place of lack and I don’t know about you honey, but I want to be making decisions from a place of abundance and not lack this year. And the thing is, that’s not something that happens overnight. So since I am strongest when on my knees, I asked God to help me cultivate habits that will make me that person who makes decisions from a place of abundance..from a place of more than enough.

So as we begin this new week, remember that it is okay to be a master piece and a work in progress simultaneously. It is my hope that this post inspires you to live from a place of abundance and not lack. Wishing you all a productive week loves! 🙂

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  1. Bacha says:

    I totally LOVE this.I really needed to hear this


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